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It is essential to know not just how to set up an effective Facebook business Page but additionally how to use it to effectively promote your business.

So let’s see how to create the perfect Facebook page to market your business.

We’ve compiled our step-by-step guide to creating and customizing a professional Facebook page.

Also provided are our suggestions on how you can make use of the page to expand your business by engaging your Facebook followers.

Begin by doing the Basic Setup

To set up your own Facebook Business Page, log in using your personal Facebook account, and then go to:

There you’ll look for two choices: Business or Brand and Public Figure or Community. Choose one option from each and start. Fill in your primary business information.

When you choose Business or Brand, you’ll be asked for an account name and category.

Remember that you are able to alter your category later however, your page’s name remains in place for the duration of your page.

The type of category you select will determine the other fields you’ll have to fill in.

For instance, if you choose Real Estate then you’ll need to fill in the contact details of your project location(s) with your hours of operation.

Upload a profile picture or Cover Picture

The standard sizes are essential and if you select the incorrect size, you could result in poor cropping, or images that are pixelated. So keep proper sizes in mind while uploading the images.

Facebook is among the most widely used social media platform by marketers across the globe. Whatever your objectives in marketing. Facebook should be a component of your strategy.

Your profile photo will show as your profile icon every when your content appears in the newsfeed and also when you make comments about other articles.

So this profile photo should be the logo of your business.

The best dimensions for your logo are square. But Facebook will make it circular to display ads and posts so you should leave some space between the lines.

After you upload your photo you are able to preview the image and make any changes if you want.  Create a profile image and Cover image on your Facebook Page.

Cover photo 820 x 462 pixel

It is important to consider your cover image appears over your profile’s uppermost part. It is because that is the ideal place to create perfect visibility.

This helps promote your brand and draws the attention of the people who visit your page.

Based on the settings of Facebook your cover image can be displayed in different sizes on smartphones and desktops.

According to our experience, 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall is what seems to be the best option for desktop and mobile devices.

However, make sure to keep the important design and text elements at the center of the image. You can also look at the way your image will look on desktop and mobile devices.

If you don’t have a graphic designer on your team to assist with your photos or designs, free tools like Canva offer ready-made templates. You can modify or input the dimensions you want and then create your own.

You can also upload a cover video, or include a slideshow with images. For more details and creative ideas.

Fill in the details of Your Page in Full

Google searches for Facebook Business Pages, so the information you add to your profile could assist in ranking your page both in local as well as local search results.

When you set up your Facebook Business Page and you’ll find guidelines for the completeness of details about your page.

If you’re required to return to make any changes, head to your page’s “About” tab, then select Edit Page Information.

So here is how to create the perfect Facebook page to market your business.

These are the fields you need to fill in:

  • Username: Adding a username makes your page easier to find because the name appears in your URL instead of a string of randomly generated numbers.
  • Description: Let your visitors know what your website is about with a space of 255 characters.
  • Categories: Categories can help people find your page. Pick any three relevant categories.
  • Contact Details: If you have an office telephone number, website address, or email address, include the details here.
  • Location: If you own an actual store, you can provide this address. It is also possible to include an area of service.
  • Hours: If you’re only open during specific hours, please list them here.
  • Further: This is where you can include a list of products you sell, their price range, and a hyperlink to your privacy policy.

These details will be listed within the “About” section on your Facebook page. You can also add additional information like your business stories, awards, menus, and more.

Include collaborators on your page

If you are planning to share your Facebook marketing responsibilities with some other person/s then you’ll need to give access to and assign roles to those people.

To add collaborators, visit your page’s settings, and click on the page’s Roles section. You can enter the name of anyone who is a Facebook friend or anyone whom you have liked your profile.

You can enter an email address that is associated with the Facebook account. In either case, you have to be Facebook acquaintances with everyone you select as collaborators.

The roles available can include:

  • Administrator: Complete access to every field of the Facebook Page.
  • Editor: can edit the page, post messages, and publish as the page. He can also create Facebook Ads from Ads Manager and see who posted or commented on a post and see the analytics.
  • Moderator: can respond to comments and remove them from the page, post messages on the page view.  which administrator posted a comment or post to create ads, and see the insights.

Make your business page more effective on Facebook

After you have completed the essentials and have it all completed, you can further improve your page by adjusting the options.

On your page, select the More drop-down menu, and then select Edit Tabs. There, you can choose a template that is best suited to your business.

To personalize the appearance of your Facebook business page, click more > edit tabs and select a template, or manually modify bills.

Every template has the default  (CTA) button as well as tabs that you can look over by clicking the templates.

For instance, The Real Estate template changes the main CTA option to get Directions and also includes tabs for reviews, offers, and images.

When you’ve selected the template you want to use, you can alter your tabs. You can do it either by taking out the ones that you don’t want or rearranging them so that you list the most essential ones first.

Each Facebook Business Page template has pre-set buttons and tabs that are geared toward different kinds of businesses.

Create a schedule of Facebook posts before you promote your page

Although it’s tempting to publish your official Facebook page when you’ve finished creating it. We advise you to prepare some content prior to inviting all your friends to join the page.

Before you start promoting your page, create a minimum of 5 posts. Be sure to have a week’s posting material planned and scheduled.

You can create different types of posts such as videos, images, short text posts, long text posts, hyperlinks, Facebook Lives, Facebook Stories, etc.

It’s important to different types of posts to ensure that you’re able to appeal to a larger audience. Keep in mind that more people engage with your posts and share them.

The more frequently your posts will appear in their News Feeds. Therefore, determining the kind of content your readers are most likely to interact with is crucial.

So above we mentioned how to create a Facebook page to market your business.

We hope that the process will be clear to you. But if you have any doubts use the services of a good Social Media Marketing Agency.