Our Target

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Our Target- Digital Veena

At Digital Veena, my target is to take it amongst the top Ten Digital Marketing Agencies in India. I want to achieve the same within a period of 3 years, i.e. on or before 31st of July, 2025.

I know that it is easier said than done, but I and my team are determined to achieve this goal.

We are going to do all those things which will help us in completing this journey within the stipulated period.

We have already initiated a few steps in this direction, and one of the steps being to take the mentor-ship of Digital Deepak.

It was from him that we learnt a very important tool for this. It is to “Create Trust Factor” in the minds of our customers. We feel that once we succeed in this we will automatically become a Brand.

A brand people can rely upon, a brand on which people can have Blind Faith. Once we are able to do this, then nothing can stop us from achieving our target.

In our agency, we have adopted the philosophy of Identifying and Solving the problems of our clients.

I have incorporated this philosophy in all the current team members, and will do the same in all those who will join us in this journey of ours.

I have made a few changes in myself also. Like:

  1. Being more focused;
  2. Removing distractions as much as possible;
  3. Being amongst the people who are growth oriented;
  4. Activating scientific part of brain;
  5. Overcoming lizard part of brain;
  6. Using only high quality products so that we can deliver highest quality services to our clients;
  7. Writing down all my Dreams & Goals, and started working on those;
  8. Always keeping myself in a Positive Mindset;
  9. Adopted the practice of measuring everything, right from things related to my personal life to that with business;
  10. Not to do multitasking, but focus on one this at one time;

…………………and many more………..list is long.

I am sure that with these thoughts, changes, and vision success, means achieving the target fixed is just a matter of time.