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Let’s try to understand What is Dynamic Drip Email Marketing

Dynamic Drip Email Marketing is a name that I’ve coined for a specific type, Drip Marketing that is different from standard drip marketing.

Standard drip marketing has a simple set of emails distributed over a period of time. For example, a 10-part email course is delivered over a period of 10 days.

Here you will have one email every two days.

However, there will be subscribers who are highly engaged. and they would be open to receiving more emails from you than others who do not interact with your emails much.

This is possible with advanced email tools like drip.com where you can trigger emails based on the subscriber’s behavior.

For example, in my free email marketing course, the first drip email that goes out is a Welcome email. However, there is a link to my Facebook Group in this email. If a subscriber clicks on this link, they get another email with additional information about the Facebook Group. People who do not click that link, do not get that email.

Here’s the workflow I’ve made for it:

Whenever someone clicks the link to the Learn Digital Marketing group on Facebook, they are tagged as ‘Clicked – LDM Group. ’ and it triggers a workflow that delivers emails appropriately.

The open rates for such emails are extremely high. You can see that in this case, it is 70%+

Since the email is triggered based on the behavior of the subscribers. the email is seen more like a transactional email than a promotional email.

When you’ve set up such a complex workflow of emails, the subscriber navigates through your drip marketing sequence that is unique to his/her behavior. Each email is personalized, triggered based on behavior, and hence it gets sky-high open rates.

I believe dynamic drip email marketing will replace standard drip marketing in the near future. People keep saying that the open rates are falling and Email Marketing is not that effective anymore. However, if you can design your emails in such a way that the right email is sent to the right person at the right time, email marketing can still be VERY effective.